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Emily Fontes website design, brand design, logo design, SEO

Hi, I'm Emily Fontes

I help courageous entrepreneurs:
  • Design a business that generates impact and income but also fits your life.
  • Create an online presence that makes you feel proud every time you see it and attracts clients that you love.
  • Feel confident, supported and clear about your purpose.
  • Transform your business from a daily grind that constantly makes you feel “less than” to something you feel in alignment with and capable of showing up for.
"Emily is brilliant. She's personable and helpful and feels like a friend who is just trying to help."
Tiff D'Amico
"I have been following Emily for years and all of her stuff has been great! I just completed the Google My Business course and it was perfect! Each section was broken up nicely and gave the student things they should do before moving on. I've already shared it with several others!"
Andrea Felton Brannock
"Can’t believe it’s now over 5 years that I’ve had the pleasure to be on the receiving end of the vast knowledge and skills that Emily possesses and so clearly communicates with her students. Each email I open from her brings forth action that I can apply immediately!"
Debi Tracy
"I love love love working with Emily! I have had her design two logos for me, and I love both of them immensely! I've recommended her to several people because she does excellent work!"
Alyse Erbele
"Emily is always spot on! I've followed her for years now and always get great value from her products and emails. Highly recommend!"
Adina Robbins Nelson
"Emily is so knowledgeable, her courses and materials are great and easy to follow with great results. Highly recommend!"
Stefanie Anderson
"Emily is one of my favorite mentors! She helped me become confident and educated on how to launch my business and reach the masses with ease! I highly recommend her courses, coaching and design work!"
Jen Sweet
"I have been following Emily's tips and products for years. She is amazing and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to marketing!"
Alisa Marie
"Incredibly caring and talented. Everything I’ve ever used from this organization has made me money and supported my values!"
Maria E Andrusiak
"Emily is THE BEST! She has all the expertise AND the teaching and coaching skills to help entrepreneurs learn how to build their brand and market their business. Emily's advice and teaching has transformed my business and I'm eternally grateful! From SEO to logos to creating a fulfilling journey for your customers, Emily is your go-to marketing pro!"
Megan Malone-Franklin
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