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Dads Deserve Support Too!

So your wife is going to have a baby. Wow. There is a lot of information for her out there. You might have noticed her buried in a pile of pregnancy books or spending hours on the internet at pregnancy websites. Maybe you are only here because you are trying to keep her from having another pregnancy meltdown. She keeps talking about doulas and birth plans and agonizing over crib bumpers or paint swatches. In the middle of wondering how having a baby became so complicated, all you can think about is...

  1. "How in the heck are we going to pay for all of this?"
  2. "I just want my wife and baby to be healthy."
  3. "The birth is freaking me out! I don't know how I'm going to handle seeing her in pain during labor. What am I going to do?"

I know there is alot of pressure out there to be the perfect birth coach and the perfect husband and the perfect dad. In some ways thats a good thing. A little pressure helps us become stronger. You know you can handle the stress as long as you have a plan and you are equipped, right?

So how exactly can I help you out?

Childbirth Classes - Birth classes tend to get a pretty bad wrap from dads. You hear from some friends that they went to a class at their hospital, listened to a lecture for hours, watched a birth film that they swear must have been directed by Quentin Tarantino and had to wear an empathy belly. No thanks! Or maybe it was the opposite, they attended a birth class lead by mother earth herself, with plenty of meditation and kumbai ya. I can promise you that in my classes there is no hazing of dads-to-be and my teaching style is half stand up comedy and half that really awesome teacher you had in high school that somehow helped you pass algebra. You will be challenged to stretch your thinking in ways you didn't before but you will also be given the step by step on exactly: how to help her during labor, how to adovocate for her, how to be her hero, how to come out the flip side of the birth the strongest you have ever been as a couple. Just for laughs:

Massage Therapy - She's probably been complaining about how bad her back hurts or any number of other pregnancy aches, hasn't she? You might have even caved and tried to rub her neck or her feet. Depending on how that went you either earned major brownie points or had the "you got me into this state in the first place" lecture. Here's a tip: go make her an appointment for a prenatal massage with me. I promise she will come back totally blissed out and thinking you are a rock star. Plus, you get control of the remote while she's gone.

Birth Doula Services - During the birth, a doula is like your concierge, your coach, your caddy, your wingman (wingwoman?) and your mentor. Take all those concepts and apply them to birth and that is a doula in a nutshell. We are like the cliff-notes for birth coaching but live and in person! Dads have an amazing ability to perform under pressure. The only hitch is: you need to know what to do. That's why dads and doulas make a great team. The doula has the knowledge... the dad has the willingness. You also have something I can never have. A heart bursting with love for your wife and your baby. With the support of a doula, you are free to be as involved as you want to be because I have your back!

A Real Story from a Real Dad

Having a Doula for our first birth was a very wise decision. Being a new Father I was completely unsure of what my role would be, well I had some idea. But when it happens in real time it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the situation, and either shutdown or simply let other people step up and take a more prominent role in the birth of your child. Emily Fontes was very encouraging to me during this process. She was confident and sure of herself and of the advice she was giving me in how to assist my wife Jen. Emily's confidence and experience did a world of good in keeping me calm.

Early in the day Emily came to our house and was a great assistance in helping us determine when the right time to go to the hospital had arrived. This is very important, as going to early can cause unneeded stress on a already very stressful day. Emily used her expertice in guiding Jen through the first few hours of labor and even sent me upstairs to take a nap! This proved to be great advice.

We had a goal of having a nonmedicated birth. Emily supported us all the way through. In fact I don't think we would have acheived that goal without her calming presence. Emily's confidence, experience and advice guided us through a beautiful birthing process. She is worthy of the highest praise, and I am so thankful that she was our doula. I would not venture into that process again without someone like Emily to have at our side. I highly recommend Emily, you will not regret that decision, ever.

Sincerely, Richard A. Ross, first time dad to Harli

Dads Say

  • "Wow, it wasn't until we began taking classes that I began realizing how much I didn't know about having a baby. There seems to be an endless list of invaluable knowledge that is shared in these classes and it has not only given me as a first time father more confidence, calmness and preparedness I was lacking, but has also encouraged me and made me much more excited to become a father. I would recommend these classes to anyone who has never taken a birth class even if they have had children. If you are expecting, this is a must do!" -Corey
  • "Prior to these classes I was completely incompetent to 99.8% of the birthing process. It helped teach me several valuable things I would have never considered or taken part in. I was content to let the hospital "do it's thing". After the classes I feel far more prepared to make her birth more comfortable and less clinical. All in all tons of great information taught in a comical memerable fashion." -Sean
  • "My impression before the class was that medical professionals would know what to do and we could leave most decisions up to them. I appreciated learning so much about which steps are necessary and which aren't. I feel that I am better prepared to be an advocate for my wife and child, and I have the knowledge to do my part to ensure their safety and comfort. Emily, I appreciated your preparation and your high level of research and expertise." -Jon