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About Emily Fontes

You want to know more about little ole' me? Aw, you're so sweet... I'm blushing!

To say I have a passion for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting is putting it lightly! I live and breathe my work everyday and love what I do. I started working with teen moms in 2003 and have served over 1000 pregnant families in varying capacities since then. I've worked with pregnant women ages 12 - 48!

Childbirth Educator Experience

I started observing childbirth classes in 2003, began co-teaching in 2004 and launched into teaching independently in 2005. All in all, I've taught over 1000 hours of pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding related classes to over 550 pregnant or parenting families. From 2006 until 2011 I was the Education Director of a large childbirth education program serving over 400 families per year. I have trained and mentored four other childbirth educators. My philosophy of childbirth education is HAVE FUN, LEARN HANDS ON! Who wants to attend a birth class that is pure lecture? Boooooooring! My goal is to make the information as interactive and entertaining as possible. However, I'm an intellectual and a researcher at heart (okay, I'm a total statistics geek!) and I pride myself on knowing as many minute details as I possibly can.

Birth Doula Experience

I completed my birth doula training in July 2004 and attended my first birth on September 4th the same year. Since that time, I have been pregnant four times myself (one hospital birth, two miscarriages and one home birth) and have attended 51 births. In 2007 I was fortunate to spend 6 weeks apprenticing with a very busy and experienced midwife. I have attended moms experiencing: unmedicated/natural birth, Hypnobabies hypnosis for birth, epidural birth, vaginal birth, cesarean birth, premature birth, high risk birth, teen mothers, single mothers, water birth, home birth, birth center birth, hospital birth, induction, pre-eclampsia, precipitous birth, posterior babies/back pain, gestational diabetes, macrosomic/large babies, vacuum extraction, shoulder dystocia... you name it! Each birth I have witnessed has left it's mark on my heart. I remember every one of the families and think of them often.

Massage Experience

As a doula I have been providing hands on support for women for more than six years. It seemed a natural extension to pursue formal training in massage therapy. I graduated from school and was licensed in 2010. 75% of the massages I gave while in school were on pregnant or postpartum women. I am certified in prenatal massage, infant massage and spa treatments. I'm also a certified massage doula!

Webdesign Experience

Believe it or not I've been in the webdesign business longer than the birth business! I was hired by a webdesign and hosting company in 2001 and have been actively refining my skills since then. I specialize in websites for birth professionals and small businesses, search engine optimization, social media, online marketing and print design including business cards and brochures. I love color, it is my muse in all digital design-work I do.

Weird Facts About Me

  • I'm a huge computer geek and own just about every Apple product possible.
  • I once won a beauty pageant: Miss Teen Brea USA 1998. I still have the tiara!
  • In college I studied interior design and dance.
  • I have given birth to a 9lb 6oz baby and 8lb 10oz baby vaginally without pain medication.
  • My children know more about pregnancy and birth than the average adult. They can also correctly pronounce words like "placenta", "amniotic fluid" and "umbilical cord".
  • I have visited 26 states and 11 countries (although I've never been below the equator).
  • I met my husband in a dance club. Modern Bride did a full spread article on our wedding called "Dancing Queen".
  • I really like lemons and vinegar. Anything sour really.
  • I think breastfeeding has been the easiest part of parenting so far and I love the smell of breastmilk poop.
  • I could say my favorite colors are pink and blue but, really, I love all colors. My favorite class in college was color theory.
  • My favorite movies are: Gone with the Wind, Yours Mine & Ours (the Lucille Ball one), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables.
  • We don't have cable in our house but I love watching Mythbusters and LOST on Netflix.
  • I'm a total bookaholic. On vacation I can easily burn through 5-10 books.